I'm completely new to guitars and guitar accessories.

I read several articles on (everything, but this question pertains to) strings, and it strikes me that one might want to try a set of strings with certain characteristics. Initially I figured this wouldn't be too much of a struggle, but in my quest to find a set of light/extra light (10s) acoustic flatwound coated strings, I've been unsuccessful.

This has been made more difficult by the lack of useful filtering functionality on websites that sell strings, so even though store A might have 3800 different sets of strings, there's not a good way to find what you want even if it exists.

It seems like the done thing might instead be to choose strings based on only one characteristic, and then stick with a specific brand or what have you.

Originally this question was specifically "where can I find acoustic flatwound coated 10s?" But I figure a more useful and broad question is the one asked in the title. With a comprehensive database of string brand-model combinations, and all their characteristics, one could easily look for what they want, then search for e.g. "D'Addario EFT15" and not have to deal with the issues I encountered.

  • "!s there such thing as a guitar string database? "If so, then regardless of any inadequate filtering functionality you found on websites that sell strings, I think it would show up in an internet search. ecosia.org/search?q=guitar+string+database – Reg Edit Jan 22 at 13:00
  • My apologies, I wasn't clear in my comment on your previous answer - the link to a search website is the part that isn't useful. It's expected that an asker has already searched before posting a question. If you are able to find what they're looking for with a search then that finding is an answer, but the search site is not. (The search terms might be). What I meant for you to comment was the frame challenge of "wanting strings with specific characteristics is not done". If you could explain how I could improve my question such that you'll remove your downvote, that will be appreciated. – Adam Barnes Jan 22 at 13:03
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    Adam the frame challenge was incidental, as part of my desire to provide you with an actual answer that contained something to try and help, rather than flatly commenting "This is not a good question". I'm afraid I can't suggest any way to redeem a question titled "!s there such thing as a guitar string database?", since imo that will always be a question for an internet search rather than SE. Maybe if you go back to your original idea rather than trying to make it generic, that will help? But simply changing the title wouldn't do it; the question needs to focus on one thing really. – Reg Edit Jan 22 at 13:27
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    Have you tried JustStrings.com? it's not a database but the website appears to be very easy to navigate to narrow down the string selection to what you are looking for. – Rockin Cowboy Jan 22 at 23:29
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    I have seen and used flat wound strings and often use coated acoustic strings. But I have never seen flat wound coated strings for an acoustic or even electric guitar. I can't see a benefit to coating a flat wound guitar string which already as some of the characteristics I like about coated round wound strings. I think fretless bass strings might come in coated flat wound because with no frets, the strings can damage the fingerboard. – Rockin Cowboy Jan 22 at 23:45

I haven't heard of comprehensive database. This becomes in particular an issue when searching for strings for extended length guitar. Is the string is long enough to reach the farthest peg on a 6-in-line headstock? Does the double-taper end behind the nut, but before the pegs? Many string producers don't even publish information like that and you need to ask them individually.

Search various online music stores. Many of them make effort to categorize string sets according to string gauge and other parameters. Better check more than one store, as each of the search engines have some flaws, and they are limited to brands sold in that store.

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    Another excellent reason one might want such a database, thank you. – Adam Barnes Jan 24 at 23:52

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