Say you have someone in your life you'd like to help learn to appreciate music. This person has only informally played music as a kid for a few months and has a sizable selection of CDs, but they've also told me they don't feel 'emotionally connected' - couldn't name favorite bands, or genres, for example. I on the other hand have played music on and off over the years and can tell you specific parts that deeply move me and feel that music is as essential to oxygen for me living. I would love to share any books to help my friend learn more about music and psychology and why music moves us, but I'm struggling to find any specific resources. It need not be into theory per se, but would love any thoughts people have of useful resources that help people learn how to become connected to music.

  • This question may not conform to our community standards. It asks for recommendations (which we don't normally do) and seems a little opinion based. Also, based on your question it may be more of a psychology question.
    – user50691
    Jan 24 at 22:00

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