I have the MOTU m2 to record my vocals through my Rode NT1 (XLR), I would like to connect my headphones (660s senneheiser) to a Topping A90 headphone amplfier, through a balanced connection. How would that work?

Would it go like this?:

MOTU M2 1/4 trs line out --> Topping A90 line in XLR ---> Headphones (XLR balanced)

Another question being that the Topping a90 LINE IN is seperated into right and left channel XLR, what cable would I use? Am i doing this all wrong? I'm not even sure that this point

  • The MOTU has a headphone socket - Out of interest, why do you want to connect it onward to another headphone amp? Have you found the MOTU's headphone output to be wanting? Commented Jan 27, 2021 at 18:58

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To me it seems that you could connect the headphones with the 4.4mm balanced connector (on the right in this image: https://assets.sennheiser.com/img/25816/x1_desktop_sennheiser-hd-660s-cables-and-adapter.jpg) directly to the preamp (middle socket in the picture: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0225/2721/3642/products/apos-audio-topping-headphone-amp-topping-a90-headphone-amp-14617986629706_1200x900.jpg?v=1590600305)

It will matter more to have balanced connection between audio interface and headphone amplifier... and it will still have rather small impact. If you use $250 microphone and $200 audio interface buying $500 headphone amplifier seems overkill, unless you have specific reasons for that. There might be other places worth throwing cash at.

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