On a Lilypond page under the section, "Adopt the SMuFL music font encoding standard" section, there were plans to transition to the SMuFL format which may become part of a W3C standard.

Would this change anything about Lilypond input files used to produce Lilypond output files?

For example, here is some code I found on the website which produces various notes using a treble clef:

  c' e' g' e'

Would code like this need to be changed, if SMuFL were to be adopted or would the adoption be a purely something that happens without end users noticing anything?

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    I don't know for certain, but I'm sure the intent is for end users to be unaware of any changes. LilyPond has years of history with their text-input syntax, and changing this input would only serve to frustrate and disenfranchise a pretty loyal user base.
    – Richard
    Commented Feb 11, 2021 at 16:16

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Just for posterity's sake, I wanted to highlight the lilypond-user listserv response to OP's question when they asked it there. (You can find the thread here.)

SMuFL support would not change input syntax. It is about allowing the use of many alternative music notation fonts that follow this standard.

There was a blog post on Scores of Beauty explaining the project; unfortunately that website is down at the moment. Meanwhile, you can read


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