I would like to improve my guitar solos and to add a lick to them. The one I'm thinking off is used in many blues songs, but also rock'n'roll, punk rock, etc. One example that I can find is the whole outro to this short video.

The riff is also used, for instance, at the end of Feelings by The Offspring.

What is the name of this riff? I tried to look it up but the only things I find are compilations or 10 guitar riffs to learn, none of which contain it. I tried to pick it by ear but I can't manage to be as fluid as I would like, so I guess there is a technique I'm missing.

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    I don't think the lick has a name per se. The rythm part seems to be a shuffle in E. In the lick, he seems to be playing the E pentatonic minor in box 3. He's just doing it really quickly. And he uses a repeating phrase using sixteenth notes... there are loads of variations of similar phrases. I can be more specific once I can play this on my guitar – mkorman Feb 15 at 10:58
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    Never heard of guitar licks having names before. If you want to learn it, slow it down using software. – Todd Wilcox Feb 15 at 11:39
  • There must be thousands of short licks such as this. Imagine each having a name..? Vtc as not in accordance with site rules. – Tim Feb 15 at 13:05
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    with VIDEO-speed 25% you can copy this lick (model-learning) – Albrecht Hügli Feb 15 at 16:53
  • Thank you all. I will try to practice it with 25% speed, and also to practice my sweep picking, it seems like this is the technique used. – C. Crt Feb 16 at 9:58