I would like to learn to play the piano, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I must do it on my own (several restrictions in my country do not allow me to attend a conservatory). Several years ago I learned the very basics of the clarinet. Thanks to that I know how to read music sheets.

My problem is that I don´t really know what do I have to learn or how should I practice in order to improve my piano skills.

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    Do you have a piano? – topo Reinstate Monica Feb 16 at 12:58
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    What do you want to play on the piano? – piiperi Reinstate Monica Feb 16 at 13:00
  • @topoReinstateMonica Yes I do. Its a CDP-100. – Arroz con Tomate Feb 16 at 15:53
  • @piiperiReinstateMonica I would like to play classical music, but since I am not an expert, I´m not dismissing others. – Arroz con Tomate Feb 16 at 15:56
  • Learning the basics of sheet reading is a good start (if you are interested in sheet reading). Then pick a short and easy piece to start learning (a simplified arangement would do too). At least that's how I learnt from the online piano course I bought. – Clockwork Feb 16 at 19:01

Learning from a book (likely a series of) such as from Alfred or Hal Leonard is probably one of the most straightforward ways to learn an instrument. Along with information from the internet, a personal teacher is completely optional these days, especially on an instrument like the piano which doesn't require very unfamiliar movements, compared to others.

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