Where can I find a formula chord chart for minor keys?

All the ones I see in Google images are for major keys. How come?


It's because there's more than one minor scale.

In the natural minor, the chords are the same as the major scale, but they fall on different scale tones:

i=minor ii=diminished III=Major iv=minor v=minor VI=Major VII=Major

Using the harmonic minor scale, any chord with the 7th scale degree changes: III=augmented V=Major vii=diminished

And if you use the melodic minor* any chord with the 6th scale degree can change: ii=minor IV=Major vi=diminished

*often defined as the "melodic minor ascending", but in practice composers may use a raised sixth when the melody is descending

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    For clarity it might be good to point out that the changes in harmony for the melodic minor also include the changes mentioned for the harmonic minor... Feb 21 at 16:47

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