I found this note and I couldn't figure it out. How can I play D flat 3 beats when I got in the last beat another D flat? The last one interrupt the first one that why I cant play the first D flat All the three beats. If you have answer please let me know extract of score

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    There must be dozens of dupes for this.
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Those are intended as two separated voices, and it's common for keyboard instruments (but not only) to have to play "again" a note that is theoretically still playing in another, and that's also for historical reasons: it was common to have a keyboard instrument with more than one keyboard.

Consider this excerpt from the second Praeludium of the first Well-Tempered Clavier book (note the C on the top staff):

Praeludium bar 34

That's to be intended more as musical coherence (that voice should play for the whole bar), than "key consistency".
Also, writing your example in a "correct" way would have made the score more cluttered, without any real benefit.

So, just play it again after releasing it as late as possible.

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