I have seen an analysis of Sonata No. 16 K. 545 by Mozart here:


May I know why the sonata is told to be done in C Major.

C Major Scale: C4 – D – E – F – G – A – B – C5.

How to find the above C Major Scale in K. 545.

  • The first movement is originally written in C Major (at least thats what wikipedia says). Do you ask why mozart wrote this in C Major? – Olli Mar 11 at 7:57
  • 2
    What exactly makes you question why it's said to be in key C? – Tim Mar 11 at 8:33

The sonata is said to be in C major because it is indeed in C major. But music usually modulates to other keys, then later on returns to the "home key".

The first 8 bars of this sonata only have notes which belong to C major and the scale patterns in this section are all from the C major scale. Then in bar 9 an accidental appears so the scale is D minor and in bar 11 and 12 the section ends in G major, the dominant.

The overall main key of the movement is still said to be C major and it does eventually return to C major.

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