I've been studying basic drumming, and found this track on YouTube, Prog Metal - Drumless Track For Drummers - "Reckoning".

The tempo is 175 BPM, so to be able to listen to the notes, I slow the video down to 0.75, 0.5.

Firstly, there are 2 different though similar scales being played, and they remind me of the sound of God Chords or Space Chords, but there is also a certain Middle Eastern sound (notes, natural 3 progression) that make both scales sound not quite Major, resulting in a somewhat mystical sound.

Secondly, the 2nd scale being played either has a delay or is actually being played in such a way as to sound as though it is delayed (if that makes sense).

Can someone please help identify both scales?


Only two scales and chord types are used: Maj7 and min7.

1st section: B♭maj7 | B♭maj7 | A♭maj7 | Cmin7
2nd section: B♭maj7 | A♭maj7 | G♭maj7 | A♭maj7

It is possible that the aumented fourth could be used for the major chords (lydian scale), especially for the G♭, and the augmented sixth (dorian scale) for the C minor, but it doesn't seem that those notes are being played by the guitar.


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