I have a large MuseScore document from the internet that has a lot of time changes. About six hundred measures in (halfway through), there is a minor error: an extra beat of rest. This throws off the alignment of the rest of the piece — every single subsequent bar is off. I need to delete the extra rest and move the entire rest of the score one beat backward.

Is this possible, or am I up a creek?


To move everything back one beat: select from the first note after the extra beat rest to the end. Ctrl-X. Ctrl-C one beat earlier.

To delete the extra beat from the time-flow: select the extra beat rest, Ctrl-Delete.

  • Thanks! There were a lot of messed-up tuplets that made this fail at first, but once I fixed those it worked perfectly.
    – Thom Smith
    Mar 25 at 6:09

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