I am listening to this audio excerpt and I hear it in duple (but I also mapped it out in quadruple). The problem I am facing is that I know there are two cadences. I have a full cadence for the first one and I think the last one is a half cadence (?)

Thanks for all your guys' help! I am learning each day with music.


The second audio listening I am torn between what the time signature is supposed to be. I think it ends on either a deceptive cadence or a half cadence.


Again, thanks tremendously for all your help!

  • 1st vid is oops. And the question is questionnable on this site.
    – Tim
    Mar 25 at 18:49
  • Yes, these quiz questions are getting old! And working from audio files instead of scores is basically a transcription request, or just asking someone else to do the aural skills stuff. Mar 25 at 20:23

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