Time signature issue in MuseScoreHow to add only one rest or note at the starting of the piece against the time signature without changing it in musescore?


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It's called an "anacrusis" or pickup measure.

1/ Easiest way is to add one when you start a new score, just tick the checkbox and add the value:

enter image description here

2/ Another way, e.g. if you already have created a score without a pickup measure, is to modify the first measure, by right clicking on it, then selecting "measure properties". There you can change the actual duration to 1 for example:

enter image description here

As was commented below, you should also tick the "Exclude from measure count" checkbox, since (as explained here: Should pickup measures have measure numbers?) pickup measures aren't considered measure 1.

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    The "Exclude from measure count" box should also be checked.
    – Aaron
    Mar 31, 2021 at 8:06

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