I'm trying to write a Sheet on MuseScore 3. "El Coro Celestial", by A.G. Horst

MuseScore transcription of "El Coro Celestial"

The Question is: As you can see in the original Sheet the notes aren't grouped...

How can I prevent automatic grouping of the notes?

  1. Select the entire area you want unbeamed.
  2. In the "Beam Properties" palette, select the unbeamed eighth-note.

Starting score

Example score with beamed notes

Select the region to unbeam

Example score with selected region

On the "Beam Properties" palette, click the "No beam" icon

Beam Properties palette with No Beam icon highlighted

End result

Example score with selected region unbeamed

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    If you find yourself doing this a lot, you can also bind it to a keyboard shortcut. Apr 2 at 18:52

How prevent Grouping automatically notes?

Click on "time signatures" in palettes, select "more" and "create time signature". This opens a window where you can select how the notes should be grouped. Edit grouping and click "Add". Then close the window and apply your newly created time signature.

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    Of all the places it would never have occurred to me to look ....
    – Aaron
    Apr 2 at 5:51
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    @Aaron Non intuitive indeed. But if you go through this, this way provides automatic beaming both for existing and newly written notes. Overall not bad for a free program. Apr 2 at 5:58
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    @Aaron In hindsight it does make sense though because the time signature determines the grouping you usually want.
    – Nobody
    Apr 2 at 16:36
  • @Nobody you're right! Especially if you want to have a consistent non-standard grouping. Apr 2 at 16:42

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