The notes of the scale or mode in question are: G A B-flat D E F. Does this combination of notes have a name?

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    Can it have a C note? Does adding a C break the modal feeling you're after? Apr 8 at 9:03

With just a B♭ ( other notes all naturals), the parent key will be the major one with that one flat. That's key F. Since your scale/mode starts on the second note of the F major scale, and incorporates all the same notes, it is called the G Dorian.

Each of the modes has exactly the same note pattern - TTSTTTS, just starting at a different point in that sequence. Dorian starts on the 2nd T, so that pattern is TSTTTST.

Just noticed there's no C note. Most diatonic scales have 7 - one letter name for each note. This answer is dependent on there being a C. No C = no named scale!

Except:- Raga Manavi (many thanks to @Mac), a hexatonic scale (hence no P4 interval from root). Is there any set of notes which doesn't have a name..?

  • According to "ianring.com", the Dorian scale without the 4th degree becomes the scale called "Raga Manavi": ianring.com/musictheory/scales/1677 - so if you wanted to be technical about it...
    – Mac
    Apr 8 at 12:56

That would be the G Dorian Mode, a mode consisting of the steps W H W W W H W.

enter image description here

  • Looks like we both missed the missing C note - unless OP missed it.
    – Tim
    Apr 9 at 8:14

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