I've been listening to Into the New World (song) since 2008. But I didn't realize until today that Mindblown. : SNSD

the opening phrase in ITNW contains the same sequence of notes as the first theme from the finale of Dvorak's Symphony No. 9, but with a different rhythm.

Are there any other similarities? INTW's composer, Kenzie, was a "music production and engineering (MP&E) major at Berklee". She "had some basic musical knowledge because I played in a band before Berklee and have a classical piano background."

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    The premise of this question is interesting! With that said, though, I don't think this question really works within the format of this site. Identifying similarities is very subjective, unfortunately (Stack Exchange wants questions that can be answered definitively and correctly). Music: P&E is a question and answer site, but not a forum for discussion. You may wish to try asking in the Music: Practice & Theory Chat, though, or even Music Fans instead if they'll take it.
    – user45266
    Apr 21 at 5:55
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    music.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic says that "technical analysis of a specific, complete work, or well defined section thereof" is on topic; Obviously this question is a little different, comparing two specific works, but is it still essentially along the same lines?
    – topo morto
    Apr 21 at 8:32
  • @user45266 similarity is not necessarily subjective. For example, there is nothing subjective about the similarity identified in the question, is there?
    – phoog
    Apr 21 at 12:09
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    Another example that I recently encountered that absolutely blew my mind: Queen's "We Are the Champions" chorus is the opening of Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring."
    – Richard
    Apr 21 at 14:15
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    @user45266 look at the title of the song. Notice how the melody is not just similar, but (ignoring rhythm) identical. Do you really think that could be an accident?
    – phoog
    Apr 21 at 23:49

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