I've been experimenting with singing a note and then slowly devoicing it or applying less pressure with my, usually near the top of my chest / modal(?) register, and trying to get that harsh sound where it sounds like there's a two tones plus a bunch of noise / interference. I'm not a vocalist, so I don't know what this would be called, but it reminds me of multiphonics (both on bowed string instruments and wind instruments). I tried searching for the term "vocal multiphonics", but that's already taken by brass players.

I don't think it's screaming, and it doesn't feel like creaky voice. Yodeling seems close, but that would involve flipping completely between registers rather than staying in between. So what is it called?


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These are vocal multiphonics.

There is an instructional video which describes the technique in very similar terms to the OP.

To get that extra bit of overtones going on, you just go to the break point of your falsetto (Glen Soulis, 0:51 in linked video)

There is a detailed discussion of a variety of vocal multiphonics techniques in An introduction to Extended Vocal Techniques, including "egressive" techniques, of which the present technique would be one. It also includes numerous references to musical examples of the techniques discussed.

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