I am currently studying counterpoint in order to prepare my first year in a Faculty of music. I have diverse ressources at my disposal like The Complete Musician (Laitz), and online ressources. Unfortunately, no one in my surroundings can help me evaluate the work I do.

Therefore, my question is twofold:

  1. How does a professor evaluate a student's counterpoint?
  2. How can a student evaluate his/her own counterpoint in order to improve his/her skills on this perticular exercise in an academic context? Is it sufficient to follow rules and guidelines or do we have to take musicality into account? What would be a good strategy to train on this topic?
  • Are you asking about basic species counterpoint exercises, or about a full counterpoint composition course?
    – Aaron
    Jun 11 at 16:39
  • I'm asking about a full counterpoint composition course. I assume that the strategy to evaluate a counterpoint is the same for all species, the only variable being the rules that are specific to a species. (Though, I might wrong about this)
    – Labaguette
    Jun 13 at 15:49

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