I have Fender Champion 20 amp. I want to connect amp to the beats studio headset. I found Bluetooth Aux Kit. Is it enough? If not what do you suggest.

Thanks for your suggestions.


I'd suggest a wired set of headphones.

Bluetooth has a delay/latency that you just wouldn't care about when listening to iTunes etc, but it will drive you mad playing guitar.

  • I have wired headphones, i tried to connect before. yes it's efficient, but i want to try with wireless.
    – Fatih TAN
    Jun 12 at 18:19
  • 2
    Well, your question said "if not, what do you suggest?" I suggest not wasting your money ;))
    – Tetsujin
    Jun 12 at 18:20
  • thank you, do you have any suggestions about the device?
    – Fatih TAN
    Jun 12 at 19:52
  • Best Buy recycles electronics to keep em out of the landfill. Jun 13 at 19:58

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