On the sheet music I am playing, I have faced 3 simile Mark each on different bar continuously. Does it mean I should repeat 3 measures back ?

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    An image would make a big difference! – Tim Jun 15 at 7:29
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    The tags make no sense (?)… – Tom Jun 15 at 7:50
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    Are you asking about the word "simile", or are you asking about the measure repeat sign /? – Aaron Jun 15 at 12:44

The marking simile or sim. instructs the performer to continue to play something in the same way (in a similar way, I guess is the easiest way to remember this translation from Italian). For instance, a bar or passage of music may have staccato markings over each note; a marking of simile over the following notes would tell you to continue to play staccato. It saves continuing to write performance markings which remain the same.

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