Would you rate Paganini the Slash of the late 18 century and Stradivarius the Ferrari and Guarneri the Lamborghini of luthiers ?

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    Would you call oranges the apples of the citrus world? – Andy Bonner Jun 18 at 20:15

This is a silly question, but it actually has a pretty clear answer: no.

Paganini was a maverick, an uncompromising ego-show-off. He did compose formidable works, though they ultimately sacrificed musicality to effect. There are certainly rock guitarists who can reasonably be compared to him, but you won't find them as by and large supporting members of a band that most people associate foremostly with its songs, band sound and singer.

Likewise, there is not much analogy between Stradivari and Ferrari. Yes, both of them produced artifacts that decades / centuries later end up demanding millions to buy, but that's about it. Stradivari was a trendsetter; most modern violins are almost as close to being copies of his instruments as possible. Because these instruments are not just “top performance” professional tools, but also extremely versatile. I don't think any car brand can be compared with this, but certainly not Ferrari, which is notorious for building cars that do one thing extremely well but are profoundly impractical for most other uses.

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