I'm a self-taught singer who would like to ask about lyrical contralto vs dramatic mezzo-soprano.

The range of my voice is from F3 - F5. On the upper end, I can sing up to C5 quite comfortably. (I've also hit A5, although it was very difficult for me.)

On the lower end, I can go all the way down to F3 (I can sing down to D3 or E3 with a little bit more difficulty).

I am not too sure where my mixed voice starts or ends; I believe I can sing with my chest voice up to D4-E4, and at C5, I use my head voice (maybe with a little bit of chest voice mixed in?)

And I was wondering what my fach would be. I apologize for the terrible recording: I recorded this after having a meal, and this recording may not accurately represent my range, but here's the sample:


Thank you for reading! I wish you a wonderful day :)


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There are two separate issues mixed in this question.

Contralto vs. Mezzo Soprano

The vocal ranges for lyric contralto and dramatic mezzo soprano are both F3 – F5. See for example

However, a contralto will be stronger in the lowest part of that range than will a mezzo soprano.

Lyrical vs. Dramatic

The distinction here is in vocal color and flexibility.

  • A lyrical voice has a lightness to it and less power than a dramatic voice. (SOURCE)
  • A dramatic voice is darker and more powerful that a lyrical one. (SOURCE)

Based on the recording provided, my impression is that your voice is on the lighter side and is stronger/clearer in the upper part of your range compared to the lower. My best sense is that with additional training — best done with a teacher who can properly evaluate and train your voiceyou are a lyric mezzo soprano.

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