It's obviously very much a beginner's question. While attempting to play this "TADA" sound effect, I noticed that on the website it's written just C. But when I press C twice it does not sound the same. How to achieve this?

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    If one looks closely, the underlying problem here isn't "what chords do I play". It's actually a problem of understanding what a chord is and how they are written and abbreviated. Voted to reopen, as that should clearly be on-topic. Surely "what is a chord" is indeed useful to future readers?
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    Aug 5 at 23:43
  • Also, since OP said "press C", I took that to mean this questioneer was playing the piano. If that is untrue, OP, feel free to correct it.
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    Aug 5 at 23:47
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    I misunderstood the question; I thought this was a "what notes do I play?" question, but I see now that there's a deeper underlying issue. Mea culpa!
    – Richard
    Aug 6 at 1:03
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    The website has diagrams on the linked page that show exactly what notes to play on several instruments.
    – Aaron
    Aug 6 at 1:18
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    At least a part of the mystery behind the question is the notation - what does "C" mean - and possibly not knowing about the concept of chords. A lot of the questions here are more like customer support requests. "I went to this site, saw this stuff, interpreted it as so-and-so, and tried to act accordingly, but got this sound instead of the other sound I had expected. What is wrong?" Aug 6 at 12:18

Now that I checked the link with another browser and could actually see what exactly the notation was... I still think that it's a valid beginner question, but for slightly different reasons. ;) Here are the relevant bits from Chordify.net:

Chordify.net sound effect TADA

Yes, it has the letter "C", but it's not only the name of a single note, here it is a chord symbol, an abbreviation meaning the C major chord. In a chord, multiple different notes are played at the same time. To play a C major chord, you play the notes C, E and G. The chord symbol for a C minor chord is "Cm" and it has the notes C, Eb (E flat) and G.

Chordify.net explained

When you see the letter C, you have to figure out from the context, whether it means the C note, or the C major chord, or e.g. a time signature. In a time signature "C" means "common time", 4/4.

C as time signature

This a valid question, and the notation is not self-evidently clear. If you know that "C" can mean a note, you may not know that it can also mean a chord, which is a different thing. Or if you know how to play "C" on the guitar or ukulele, you may not have realized that the thing you played was a chord, not a single note. I recently had to explain this to a beginner guitarist who had been playing "C" and other such things on the guitar, but had not been told about chords and notes. That information opened a new world for him. :)

In the following pictures, the letter C is used in two different meanings: chord symbol and note name.

C major piano diagram explanation

C major guitar diagram explanation

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It's not just a note - it's a major chord. So using C as the example, you need to play C E G, or C E G C. Play around with those notes, to find what you hear is the best combination. Maybe a lower C note will do it for you.

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  • What is it that the dver doesn't understand/like about this answer? Come on, be brave!
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  • @Tim I have a life.
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    We all do, but I still don't understand your comment.
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  • @Tim what you mean by "dver"?
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