I am planning to get lessons on the flute. I do love the bansuri flute, but I am unsure if it's a good idea to start getting lessons on bansuri instead of western flute as almost complete beginner to music theory and playing music.

Would it be ok for me to find a teacher that teaches bansuri or should I look for a teacher that teaches the western flute if my goal in the end is to play bansuri flute?


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If you want to play bansuri flute, take lessons on bansuri flute.

Much of what you learn will of course be transferable to western flute if required.

  • Seems like a logical move...
    – Tim
    Aug 12, 2021 at 16:53

Bansuri is a best start. Indian notation is very simple if compared to Western one. The flute sounds just magical (but that's subjective to taste).

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