I am playing "One Mint Julep" in my jazz band (trombone 4 part). I have a G3 note with a short lip trill. I usually see lip trills on higher notes, so what is a proficient way to play these? My band instructor said to just move my slide from 4th to 3rd position very quickly, but was wondering if there were any ways I can do a lip trill normally?

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Playing the G in 6th position with the F-trigger might give you an easier lip trill.
If that doesn't work and you don't want to use the 3rd position G, then you have to find a way to fake it. Your band director's suggestion sounds like a good way to do that. Or maybe you can get away with just leaving the trill out.


Are we talking about the bit at 2'30" in the Louis Prima version? Stay in 4th and lip trill up to a (rather flat) B. Think 'shake' rather than 'trill'.


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