MacBook Pro (Big Sur 11.5.2)
Ableton Intro
Ableton Push 2
OnStage KSP20 (the sustain pedal)

Is there a way to get an Ableton Push 2 to play/stop via a foot pedal? My sister has a gig in a few days and she wants to start/stop her Ableton tracks with a foot pedal on stage. The OnStage KSP20 is a binary switch meaning it clicked on or off. It's not a rolling sustain like real sustain pedals. When she plugs it into the second input on the back of the Ableton Push 2 it record enables the push and when she double clicks it, it creates a new track. Is there a way to get this pedal to start/stop the playback instead.

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Set MIDI remote control mapping:

  • Connect the pedal to the second pedal input
  • Open Ableton Live and go to Preferences and select MIDI
  • Turn on the Track and Remote
  • Control Surface: Ableton Push 2
  • Input: select the pedal
  • Click MIDI button in the top right corner of the screen
  • Press the pedal, highlighting MIDI CC
  • Double-click the MIDI CC option and select Play/Stop from
  • Click MIDI button again.

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