Well, I want to record myself playing guitar but I dont have any kind of audio interface ,So I came up with this is idea Can I connect my guitar amp heaphone out directly into laptop aux port? Would it harm my laptop? p.s.My amp model is Lirevo Token 10Lirevo Token 10 , 10 Watt

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It's generally OK to send a headphone output to a line-level input. You may need to adjust the headphone volume to a suitable level to get a clear low noise but un-distorted signal.

A headphone output is generally much too high for a microphone input. It probably won't damage it, but the sound will be too loud and distorted.

  • Plus the wire from the amp to the laptop is not balanced (shielded) and you'll hear extra noise on the line.
    – djangofan
    Oct 13, 2021 at 23:07

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