I used a multimeter to test that everything is connected/grounded, at least I hope I did. It shows continuity when I touch all metal parts, so everything seems grounded. So I just don't get what can possibly be causing the weird buzzing especially when touching the metal stick of the pickup switch.

From what I understand, if touching metal parts makes noise go away, that is normal. But if touching metal parts makes noise worse, then theres a grounding issue. Touching any metal part on my guitar makes the noise lessen, except when I touch the metal part of the 5-way pickup switch lever (metal part). Not sure what else can be the issue if multimeter says everything is connected properly.

Please let me know what else I can do, maybe I'm missing something, thanks!

  • Maybe the problem is not on the guitar, but on the amplifier (or whatever the guitar is connected to). Oct 25 '21 at 21:21
  • Hi, thank you for the reply! How can I test if that is an issue? I tested the wire that connects the guitar to the amp, all seems fine as well (followed youtube tutorials to check the wire, so hope that was right). How can I test that the amp is working right? Thanks! Oct 25 '21 at 22:04
  • There are a number of questions here that may be relevant to this problem. You can find (at least some of) them by using this search
    – Aaron
    Oct 25 '21 at 22:04
  • @dannydav709 you could test it with another guitar (and cable). Oct 25 '21 at 22:17
  • 1
    @Aaron, ok, i will try that. I tried searching on google in general, and the answer is usually bad grounding, but I already tested with a multimeter, so it would probably be something else which I can't figure out. Oct 25 '21 at 22:30

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