This should be fairly simple but I'm getting lost in instructions. What is the easiest way to change the font for the tune title only? I don't want to change the whole family of fonts for the whole sheet.

The font I'd like to use is MuseScore's Edwin. If I use the paper block to change the font name to "Edwin", the font is not found. I assume I'd have to specify the path to it.

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Seems to be resolved with \markup and \override, plus specifying the font path:

#(ly:font-config-add-directory "D:/fonts/MuseScore/")

\header {
  title = \markup { \override #'((font-name . "Edwin") (font-size . 6)) "My Tune" }

This works. The code can be extracted into a function, and/or into a separate file:

customTitle = #(define-scheme-function
  (title) (markup?)
     \markup { \override #'((font-name . "Edwin") (font-size . 6)) #title }

which is then included and used as:

\header {
    title = \customTitle "My Aria"

As Abou Samra Jean suggests, it is also possible to create a markup function as

\markup edwin = \markup \override #'((font-name . "Edwin") (font-size . 6)) \etc

which is then used

title = \markup \edwin "My Title"
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    The parser and location arguments are useless in current versions and deprecated. Just remove them. You can even write that function in a very concise way: \markup edwin = \markup \override #'((font-name . "Edwin") (font-size . 6)) \etc. Commented Jan 27, 2022 at 16:26

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