Is it possible for a Logic Pro X midi script to query information about the instrument to which it is attached? For example, find out if it is transposed or has a particular midi range filter? I have been all through the Apple documentation on the scripter and just don't see that this is possible. https://support.apple.com/en-md/guide/logicpro/lgce728c68f6/mac

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Can Scripter plug-in of Logic Pro X query information about the instrument of its channel strip?


Scripter is a built-in MIDI FX plug-in of Logic Pro X.

MIDI FX are plug-ins inserted in software instrument channel strips that process or generate MIDI data —played from a MIDI region or a MIDI keyboard— in real time.

MIDI plug-ins are connected in series before the audio path of a software instrument channel strip and hence act as a modulator (using MIDI/CC/PC data) for various parameters of a software instrument.


As the signal flow is simplex (one directional), Scripter cannot query information about instrument.

  • Thanks, this makes sense technically. It would be neat if the script could at least see the track name (and/or the MIDI name), which I imagine exists somewhere "above" the scripter intake? Then a single script could behave a little differently for different instruments.
    – jlarson
    Commented Feb 11, 2022 at 16:14

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