What note represents 1.25 beats. Or in other words 4 notes in 5/8 time.

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There is no individual symbol representing 1.25 beats. To do it in 5/8 time, one would either use:

  • eighth note (1 beat) tied to a 32nd note (.25 beats)
  • a sixteenth (.5 beats) tied to a dotted sixteenth (.75 beats) (or vice versa)
  • a four-tuplet

Examples of three notation options

The first solution is better for a single note; the second might be easier for a reader uncomfortable with tuplets; but the last solution works better for the title problem of four equal divisions of five beats.

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    There's also another option: it's still a bit obscure, but it keeps a consistent reference of the pulse and it's also the commonly accepted simplification (and explanation) of the actual "subdivision": i.stack.imgur.com/z258B.png Apr 9 at 4:20

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