I encountered this symbol in sheet music. Searched the internet and it is nowhere to be found. Closest thing it might be a small letter “phi” but not exactly. enter image description here

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    Please update your post to include the composer, piece, measure number, and instrument. Any of those might help find the answer.
    – Aaron
    Apr 21 at 6:52
  • FWIW, the marking seems to have been invented by Ysaye. An explanation can be found in this discussion, and the table of symbols referred to can be found in the score for the six sonatas op. 27 on IMSLP.
    – Aaron
    Apr 21 at 7:11
  • I'm guessing it's for a stringed instrument, but without telling us which one, you're not helping!
    – Tim
    Apr 21 at 7:48
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    The "letter" actually reminds me more of the Greek letter psi (with the "fork tines" joined) than phi.
    – Dekkadeci
    Apr 21 at 13:09
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    A web search confirms that there are some fonts that use an almost identical glyph to represent lower-case Greek phi (not psi). Apr 21 at 18:08


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