I am working on translating BWV 772 into a lilypond file. I want to make it match the manuscript as much as possible. In the first bar, Bach writes the 3s for the triplets in both voices and then you can see where the triplets are but the numbers are gone, which I think is kind of common, right?

BWV 772, first bars

In blue you can see the tuplet number, in the red squares (and in all the other triplets), the number is gone.

I have found that I can hide the brackets like this:

\override TupletBracket.bracket-visibility = ##f

But how can I hide the number of the tuplet? Didn't find anything straight-forward in TupletNumber: http://lilypond.org/doc/v2.23/Documentation/internals/tupletnumber

I am using lilypond 2.22.2.

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If you want to get rid of anything in Lilypond, two commands can make themselves useful: \hide and \omit. Both of them get a parameter telling what should be got rid of — in this case, a TupletNumber. So you could use either \hide TupletNumber or \omit TupletNumber.

The difference between the two is easily seen from the names of the commands: \hide hides stuff, i. e. the hidden things still take up space but are invisible. On the other hand, \omit omits stuff, i. e. the omitted things are never put into the score in the first place and they don't take up any space. So \omit TupletNumber would be probably slightly more fitting.

(By the way, both of those commands can be done only \once. So \once\omit TupletNumber hides only the next TupletNumber encountered in the score. And they can be undone with \undo (e. g. \undo\omit TupletNumber), should you decide that you will need those numbers back later.)

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