I can't really describe well with words what I mean, but this transition in Touch off by Uverworld (01:07) is sort of very "in your face". I feel like some techniques from electronic music are used here that I don't have to background to recognize (I'm also curious about many other sections in the song...).

What techniques used here, or how can I recreate a similar effect?

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Well, I'll start with the obvious- all sound cuts out for 2 whole beats before the downbeat. It's hard to get any more jarring than that. And then the music comes back all at once. You hear a sudden unmute, not natural instrument attacks.

Aside from that, electronic music often does transitions by using what people call "transition effects". There's two parts to it- a riser, which is a sound that builds leading up to the downbeat, and an impact, which is a percussive burst of sound that happens on the downbeat.

The traditional simple riser is made by playing white noise and slowly opening up a resonant low pass filter.

The traditional impact would probably be a crash cymbal... I'm not sure.

There's plenty of ways to spice up your transition effects, but in practical terms, what most producers will do is purchase effects packs from sound designers who specialize in making weird and wonderful sounds.

I'd recommend finding some stems for a song in this genre (or, you can listen to the stems for Pendulum-Granite here). Listen to the "effects" stem. See how they use noises to support the song.

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