I took this piece by Schumann (Melodie) and am trying to identify the cadences. I have already started to try and identify the phrases first. I am unsure if the first system is one phrase. Any help from what I have already done is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Analysis of "Melodie" by Schumann

  • Did you mean to label the first cadence as a half cadence (cadence ending on the V chord)? Sep 16 at 5:38

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Your analysis of phrases is correct, except for the fourth system, which should be the same as the second.

Your cadences need work. The final PAC is correct, and the third system, being essentially the same, is also a PAC. However, none of the cadences that end the first, second, or fourth systems are authentic cadences. They are, however, all the same type of cadence.

The piece is in C major, and all three of those cadences are on G major (or G dominant seventh). That is, the three phrases cadence on the dominant chord, which is known as a half cadence.

Note that there is some confusion in terminology that stems from different naming conventions.

  • V - I (w/ tonic in top voice): Authentic Cadence (USA) = Perfect Cadence (UK)
  • V - I (w/ non-tonic in top voice): Imperfect Authentic Cadence (USA) = no equivalent (UK)
  • (X) - V: Half Cadence (USA) = Imperfect Cadence (UK)
  • V - vi: Deceptive Cadence (USA) = Interrupted Cadence (UK)
  • IV - I: Plagal Cadence (both)

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