As a test case, I am trying to synchronize the tempo of the RC-5 Looper pedal to a Korg Volca drum machine. I tried two different ways with a TRS cable:

  1. Korg Volca SYNC out --> RC-5 MIDI in No tempo change is noticeable on the RC-5. RC-5 SYNC CLOCK is set to MIDI and CLOCK OUT is set to OFF

  2. RC-5 MIDI out --> Korg Volca SYNC in Tempo on the Korg Volca is extremely fast, but also weirdly not synchronized, like a 3.5x multiplier. RC-5 SYNC CLOCK is set to AUTO and CLOCK OUT is set to ON

Is this a specific incompatibility between these devices? Are there settings that I'm missing? I read the manual and have watched every tutorial I could find.

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    The Sync In / Out connections on Volca boxes are not MIDI, they are analog sync pulses, just plain voltage pulses. It just happens that the RC-5 uses the small TRS MIDI connectors, which are physically similar. If you send MIDI from RC-5 to Volca's Sync In, the Volca will see the signal from the MIDI messages as voltage pulses and it will react to that in some way. Try connecting the RC-5's MIDI output to the Volca's MIDI Input. You'll need a TRS - DIN MIDI cable for that. Sep 25, 2022 at 22:03


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