I have being playing the guitar for quiet a while now(12+ years but more dormant years within this). I am able to deduce guitar tabs of a given song on my own(mostly with some minor errors). I have made a completely independent fingerstyle version of a song(and tried for other songs, but have mostly remained unsuccessful, and I made peace with guitar tabs). I know how to vary the strumming pattern within a given song. I know Rumba Flamenco variations upto some extent. But above all of this, I innovate and try to insert my own style in whatever I play.

Now, I did learn from a guitar teacher when I had started out, but in all truth, this teacher didn't teach me music theory or so. Most of what I am capable of performing on my guitar is by practice based on learning from youtube videos, etc.

Now, I want to rigorously begin from the beginning, starting from music theory concepts, etc.

My goal is to become more independent in case of fingerstyle guitar. Learning as much as possible.

  • The easiest approach will be to get a good teacher. Jan 31, 2023 at 2:30

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The one best solution, having tried others, is to get back with a teacher. There are many questions/answers here regarding establishing an appropriate teacher. One who works with you successfully may not work so well for others, and vice versa, so you need to make a list of what skills, activities, pressures are appropriate, along with costs, availability, and, if you like, prowess and qualifications. Past records of students' achievements may be a good yardstick, but please read the other q/as.

Failing that, and there may be many good reasons for not using a teacher, there are workshops and open mic sessions, where you could go and rub shoulders with other guitarists - sometimes free, sometimes at a cost. You could also have a look at some of the exam board material available for guitar - RGT and Rockschool come to mind, not necessarily to take the exams (although that in itself isn't a bad move), but to immerse yourself more thoroughly in guitarring, in several different genres.

P.S. do not allow yourself to become reliant on tab, you will live to regret it!

  • From my heart, I want to properly progress in fingerstyle, but I have failed to make any significant progress in it. So, it felt maybe I need to revisit the basics, besides I don't know much about music theory(but I do want to), just practical usage of stuff. Yes, lead chords seem dry by themselves without having an environment of beats(one way to interject fingerstyle...). Jan 31, 2023 at 11:42
  • i had this experience with bass - I went right back to "three blind mice" to fix my timing and some bad habits. A teacher is a good suggestion though you can get quite far with self-discipline also. Jan 31, 2023 at 11:47

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