I am new here, and pretty new to Sibelius. I am interested in creating my own individual style sheet for Sibelius, specifically to have the Composer and Lyricist BOTH right justified, header/title/creators in Arial, and copyright to be in Arial. Essentially to look similar to the most common sheet music layout/format. Is there any way to do this?

Basically, what I am looking for is in the photo below (I did it in Word, because I couldn't figure out how to in Sib The format I would like to use

Thank y'all!

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You do this by editing the appropriate Text Styles - Title Text, Copyright Text etc. - and , when you have a score looking how you like it, Export a Manuscript Paper (or just a House Style) for use in future scores.

You might find a lot of what you want is included in one of the supplied House Styles that use Arial. enter image description here

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