How do you realize this ornament with the big tailhook at the end? The editorial contains a cheat sheet but not this particular ornament.

Bach BWV 817 Sarabande (Henle): bars 10, 18

Bach BWV 817 sarabande from bar 10

Bach BVW 817 sarabande from bar 15


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This ornament is to be played by filling up the interval, so an alternative notation would be

enter image description here


The way I've most often heard this performed is as a rolled chord in which some of the "in between" notes are included along the way. So, for example, the chord in measure 10 might be performed something like:

Sample realization

The rhythms are not intended to be accurate — just an illustration of the order in which the notes might be executed.

This interpretation is backed up by the fingering in measure 18, which suggests that the C# be played with the thumb, the E with finger 2, and then a run of 2-3-4 up to the G#.

Glenn Gould performs measure 18 in this way, although in measure 10 he puts the "run" at the beginning (i.e., bottom) of the chord.

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