I want to incorporate Lilypond generated PDFs into a book. I would like to have two sided PDFs. I referred here: https://lilypond.org/doc/v2.23/Documentation/notation/horizontal-spacing-paper-variables. But can't quite figure out what is the correct syntax. This is what I tried so far:

\paper {                                                                         
  two-sided = true                                                               
  inner-margin = 0.75\in                                                         
  outer-margin = 0.25\in                                                         
  system-system-spacing =                                                        
    #'((basic-distance . 18)                                                     
       (minimum-distance . 8)                                                    
       (padding . 1)                                                             
       (stretchability . 60))                                                    

How do I specify 0.75 in as inner margin and 0.25 in as outer margin? The above code does not give an error but does not make any difference to the output either.

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Instead of two-sided = true you should do two-sided = ##t. #t and #true are the scheme names for the boolean true, and you need an additional # to tell Lilypond to parse this a scheme expression.

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