This video outlines the production a sort of bell timbre which can only be heard when played in mono. I am trying to reproduce this in Cakewalk.

I think I've figured out how to make the correlated noise audible in stereo and not mono. I use Serum to create the noise, add a "Channel Tools" Audio Effect in which I turn the "Mid Gain" knob to -∞, and set the track in Console View to "Interleave = Mono."

The instruction I'm stuck on is (16:29 in the video)...

Now what we're going to do is take a narrow frequency band only on one side and we're going to flip the phase. What happens then when you combine to mono is that everything goes away except for that narrow band where you flip the phase because it's no longer canceling in the left and right channels. By employing this trick over and over again we can actually play a little bit of a melody.

I've found how to flip the phase of the track in Console View, but not how to apply the phase flip to a specific side or frequency band. What steps do I need to take to emulate this sound?

  • Note: I may have been mistaken in my explanation of the first stage of the process. I will edit this question some time in the future after I have learned a bit more about the subject.
    – user10478
    Aug 5, 2023 at 20:53

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It's probably simplest to use two identical mono tracks; that way you don't need split-function stereo effects.

Then you can just EQ one track & flip the phase.

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