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I have scoured the documentation for EasyABC but can't find how to draw the brace at the left of the grand staff, to couple the two piano parts.

enter image description here

Can anyone advise please? (I'm assuming it can do it....)

(I have EasyABC version, which is the one currently on Sourceforge, as pointed to from abcnotation.com.)

EDIT: I changed the title from "EasyABC" to "ABC notation", having realised the question wasn't limited to EasyABC

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Here is an excerpt from the relevant passage from the ABC Standard:

11.1 Voice grouping

VOLATILE: This section is under review as part of the general discussion about multiple voices for abc 2.2. See also the section 11 disclaimer.

Basic syntax:

%%score ...

The score directive specifies which voices should be printed in the score and how they should be grouped on the staves.


If voice groups are enclosed by curly braces {}, the corresponding staves will be connected by a big curly brace printed in front of the staves. Together they form a voice block. This format is used especially for typesetting keyboard music.


%%score Solo [(S A) (T B)] {RH | (LH1 LH2)}

The following code gives the pictured result on the EasyABC 1.3.8 (latest Mac version as of this post) and the ABCjs test editor.

X: 1
T: Bracket Test
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
%%score {V1 V2}
[V:V1] A B c |
[V:V2] D E F |

Two staves, bracketed

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    Since it's piano music, you'll probably want to add a vertical line, i.e. %%score {V1|V2}, so that the barlines between the staves connect (only noticeable for examples with more than one measure). Nov 29, 2023 at 11:01

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