How to get the Les Paul humbucker bridge pup tone like this nasal, airy, chime sound, I have a Les Paul standard 50s, a NUX MG30, and recently I'm obsessed with this tone, I tried for couple of hours to get this tone but didn't catch exactly.

This is what I've got for now:

AMP: Super reverb  Gain: 5.3, Master 9.7, Bass 3.1 Middle 3, Treb 4.9, bright Off, Bias 4.5, Level 9
Pedal: half-engaged
Compress: K Comp with Sustain 4.3, Level 7, Clipping 7.1
EFX: Morning DRV, Volume 6, Drive 6, Tone: 4
Reverb: HALL with Delay 2.9, Pred: 6.4, Liveness: 8.8 Level: 4
IR: Off

Guitar: Bridge pickup Volume: 8, Tone: 10.

Answer with your findings or comment on what you think, thanks.

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    What have you tried? Looks like the "Super RVB" model might be a good starting point. Listening to some demos my personal take is that the NUX MG30 seems to lose a little flavor somewhere inside, so you might have a hard time getting all the same nuance that Robben Ford is getting. Jan 5 at 5:03
  • Hi Todd, "Super RVB" is good I'll try later next time, I'v tried VT Clean the most, tweaking some effects like the eat-dst effect, ac boost, maybe 3 or 4 amps and on/off of PAs. Plus that dialed in many of the preset models. I think many of the results sound either too harsh, or too bassy.
    – Michaelzh
    Jan 5 at 5:47
  • VT Clean? That model doesn't seem to be listed on the NUX web site? I would go with Super RVB and play with that a lot and see what you can get. Jan 5 at 6:53
  • You might check if your box' firmware version can be updated, if I remember it correctly this efx model is a bundled one.
    – Michaelzh
    Jan 5 at 7:01
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    Bear in mind also that the way the string is plucked, and where it's plucked will make a marked difference to the sound, no matter what effect is used.
    – Tim
    Jan 5 at 10:49


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