One of Roland's keybed is PHA-4, used for example in FP-E50 or Fantom 08 keyboards/digital pianos.

I didn't find it in specification, thus my question -- what is the octave width in this keybed?

Octave width -- the distance/width from key X, for example C4, to the same key but octave higher, in this example C5.

  • Might be a good question for the manufacturer. Jan 30 at 2:49

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This is an 88-note weighted keyboard, designed to emulate a piano keyboard. It's inconceivable that such a keyboard would have 'mini keys'. So the octave width will be 165mm, same as every other modern piano.

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    160 mm is not that unusual, for example Yamaha CK series AFAIK has such width. So there is a difference between "it has" and "it will have". But of course it could be 165 mm, but I am asking to be sure, not to guess. Jan 30 at 5:49
  • The question is a good one, because, sadly, there is no real standard on keyboard width. Especially electronic keyboards may vary by as much as 20-30 mm from one end of the keyboard to another, making vertical alignment of stacked keyboards by different vendors problematic. Indeed, there is a niche market of custom narrow-gage piano keyboard replacements for small-handed keyboard players (like myself). Feb 29 at 20:19
  • I'd be unhappy to have to play a keyboard with just-slightly-narrower-than-standard keys, I have to say... Feb 29 at 22:40

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