I am learning Western Classical Guitar and Indian Bamboo Flute. I want to stream myself playing, connect with the community, and get some good feedback as well. Is it really a bad idea to live stream myself learning/practicing music. FYI my channel is [knightrolls]. 1. Perhaps some experts or enthusiasts here could provide some good advice.

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    This question doesn't really have a concrete, objective answer, and Stack Exchange isn't suited to open-ended discussion. Feel free to bring it up in the chat room, though. There could be both pros and cons to the idea. Feb 22 at 23:05
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    @ananta Sorry but your question couldn't be accepted, as practice questions normally use the following levels: 1. specific practice issue (acceptable); 2. knowing about possible practice problems, highlighting specific points about which you're uncertain (acceptable if about common practice, possibly for a specific genre, and if not asking about too many unrelated issues) 3. asking for responses about generic playing (not acceptable, as too broad); 4. asking for ways to get responses about generic playing (completely off topic). Please take your time to follow the tour and read How to Ask. Feb 23 at 2:57


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