I am learning a new piece on piano and there's a slur between the same note like this:


Am I supposed to strike the key twice and use the sustain pedal in between?

  • When it's the same note it's a. tie, not a slur. Just hold the note for the duration of both notes. Commented Feb 24 at 13:52
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    @Pete_Becker Please post answers as answers (not as comments). Commented Feb 24 at 13:55

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A slur to the same note is called a 'tie'. Play it as one extended note.

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    Technically slurs and ties are two different things and should look slightly different. Also there is a lot of wind and brass music with slurs over repeated notes, so the question of what to do when you see a slur over repeated notes is still valid. I agree that the image in question looks like a tie, not a slur. Commented Feb 24 at 14:06
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    Might be worth explaining the "why": in this 2-beat time signature, it's the only way to get a 4-beat note. Commented Feb 24 at 14:10
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    Just give the OP a simple answer. This question will be taken down as a duplicate pretty soon anyway.
    – Laurence
    Commented Feb 24 at 14:19

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