I am transcribing the Sentimental Tango for four hands by Vasha Azarashvili. And I'd like to obtain this:

A quaver and a semiquaver beamed together over a rest

But my code (in Italian, but surely you get the point)

\language "italiano"

<sib re sol>8_. r16 <sib re sol>_.

produces this:

A quaver and a semiquaver with a rest in between

How can I get the former?

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Use '[' and ']' to define the a beam group (as explained in the LilyPond documentation)

<sib re sol>8_.[ r16 <sib re sol>_.]

Any reason you write _. instead of the neutral -. here? When pitches are such that the stem is picked the other way round, a hard-coded _. will stay below the chord and look awkward.

  • Thank you @user97997! It works neatly and on why I use _., is just out of ignorance :). I fixed it as well. Thanks again!
    – Juan Chô
    Commented Mar 14 at 18:36

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