I can use a markup to put several glyphs under and over a note with _\markup ^markup but I do not know how to place glyphs in front of a note. Something similar to Natural+flat accidental in front of the note but with arbitrary glyphs.

It would be even better (but not necessary) if the placement were identical to that of accidentals also in case of chords.

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An easy way to get this would be to abuse fingerings:

  \set fingeringOrientations = #'(left)
  <c''-\finger\markup \override #'(font-encoding . "latin1") "my mup">

If you do want the collision resolution of accidental columns and you do not need both accidental and custom glyph for any note you can abuse Accidentals:

  \override Accidental.stencil = #ly:text-interface::print
  \override Accidental.font-size = #-3
  <\tweak Accidental.text \markup\vcenter "mup1" c'!
   \tweak Accidental.text \markup\vcenter "mup2" d'!
   \tweak Accidental.text \markup\vcenter "mup3" f'!
   \tweak Accidental.text \markup\vcenter "mup4" b'!
   \tweak Accidental.text \markup\vcenter "mup5" c''!>

Else one would need some extra effort for creating some custom engraver.

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