The music is notated for me to play a flam but it’s under a fermata. Do I just play it once or do I keep playing flams while director holds the fermata?

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    A picture of the notation would be helpful.
    – nuggethead
    Apr 17 at 18:36
  • 99% sure you’re just going to play one flam but depending on the specific notation there might be other things you would do. No answer to this will be complete without a recommendation to ask the director/conductor what they want you to do. Apr 17 at 19:17
  • As stated above, an image will certainly help us help you much more: take a screenshot or a photo of the score, then edit your post with it. Most importantly, the concept of "a flam under a fermata" is ambiguous, as "flam" may refer to both the [ornament](//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ornament_(music) alone or the composition of the actual note and its ornament: what's actually shown under the fermata? In any case, you almost certainly will not keep "playing flams" during the fermata: it's either a "single flam" that has to be played in the downbeat of that, or considered for what follows. Apr 18 at 1:45

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That's an example of bad writing. There's no telling what the composer or arranger were thinking, if indeed they were thinking at all.
In a situation like this I would play the flam once. It's not uncommon for the percussion to just play the accent at the beginning of a fermata. If the director wants anything else they will tell you.
Alternatively you could just ask the director what they want you to play.

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