I was planning to buy a very small MIDI keyboard (akai lpk25).

Of course to make it produce sounds, I would need to connect it (via USB) to my laptop.

Question: say one day I want to go to the park and play a bit, is there something I can plug to the keyboard to make it output sound which is not my laptop (or mobile phone, since I don't have one)? The smaller the merrier!

I am not sure how these things are called, I guess MIDI synths.

  • Search for "midi sound module". There are plenty.
    – slim
    Commented Jan 26, 2014 at 13:09

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Not sure what kind of sound the module should produce, but Ketron produces some fairly portable ones.

Actually, have a look at this question, has many more examples.


What you are looking for is synthesizer, not MIDI controller. You can search with this way.

An example; you can check how suitable Yamaha Piaggero 61-Key Lightweight Compact is for you.


There are a few portable, miniature polyphonic keyboard synthesizers available.

The Casio SA-76 is one; it sells for US $50. It has built-in speakers and runs on batteries; however, it does not have MIDI.

enter image description here

Another model, if it is still on the market, is the CME U-Key v2 Mobiltone, which does have MIDI, and a built-in speaker, but it does not run on batteries. It requires USB bus-power.

enter image description here

Korg has just announced a new product, the tinyPIANO, a digital toy piano that runs on batteries. (Hey, you asked for it.) It does not have MIDI.

enter image description here

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